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Free Parasites 101 Course + Quiz

Have you ever wondered if you have parasites? Or do you have chronic symptoms that haven't resolved despite what your doctors have tried? 

Hi friend, I'm Haley. Certified clinical herbalist and health coach.

I’ve always hoped I could heal, and I eventually did, but it was a lonely journey.

I suffered for 16 years. Truly suffered. Daily debilitating headaches, fatigue so bad that I sometimes couldn't even brush my teeth, flu like symptoms that would come and go with no reasoning, and brain fog so crushing that driving for that day was out of the question. 

Parasites are way more common than we have been led to believe.

Dr. Todd Watts says "If you have a pulse you have parasites". The question is not IF you have parasites but WHEN will you start to feel their effects on your body. 

Five facts most people don't know about parasites:

🍦 They can make you crave sugar and carbs leading to weight gain.

🚽 You can pick them up from public toilet seats.

🐶 Pets can carry parasite larvae on their fur + saliva and give them to humans.

🎗 Parasites can be the root cause to hundreds of diseases, even cancer.

🎆 They are toxin sponges and leak their toxins into our bodies leading to chronic inflammation.

The bottom line is we can't keep burying our heads in the sand. Knowledge is power. 

Take the in depth 40+ question parasite symptom quiz to know where you stand. This isn't your basic parasite quiz, it is clinical based on symptoms and very in depth. 

As a limited time bonus, in addition to the Free Quiz, you will have access to the Parasites 101 course for FREE.

In this course you are taught everything you need to know about parasites, their symptoms, various types of parasites and more!




What People Are Saying:

I knew parasites were everywhere and I wanted to get rid of them in my body due to the symptoms I was having. I considered working with two functional medicine practitioners and one nutritionist and it would have cost me well over $500 no matter who I went with. I ran accross this course and started following Haley, I can't believe this course is so affordable. It has literally everything you need to know how to conduct an in depth cleanse with the least amount of herx reactions. I have killed hundreds of parasites (I have pictures..ha!) and feel so much better. Thank you for making this so accessible Haley.

Sarah K.