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Think you might need some one on one support during your parasite cleanse? 

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Parasite Cleanse Full 4 Month Protocol + Detox

The ultimate Parasite Cleanse course with four complete phases. Each phase is one month long making this a four month self-paced online course. You have access to this course for life so there is no rush to complete it within four months. 


  • One time payment for lifetime access

  • Payment will be deducted from your credit card or paypal account automatically and you'll be emailed a receipt from either Paypal or Stripe


Phase 1- Open Detox and Drainage Pathways

Phase 2- Kill Pathogens - multiple options to choose from for killing parasites, not just one

Phase 3- Whole Body Cleansing

Phase 4- Final Phase for detoxing heavy metals and other toxins 

All lessons have video slides + PDF downloads


#1) Detox + Drainage Course $47 value included for FREE

10 lessons that deep dive into multiple ways you can open your pathways and detox naturally:

Lesson 1- The body's art of detox

Lesson 2-  How to open drainage/detox pathways part 1

Lesson 3- How to open drainage/detox pathways part 2

Lesson 4- Understanding the Lymphatic System

Lesson 5- Liver Detox + Fatty Liver

Lesson 6- Beat Gallstones Naturally

Lesson 7- Tools for Lymphatic Drainage

Lesson 8- Whole Body Drainage

Lesson 9- Coffee Enema's

Lesson 10- What to expect from Detox Reactions

#2) Herbal Plant Medicine Masterlist- $97 value included for FREE

An exhaustive and extensive searchable list of 250+ herbal plants. 

You can search by:

  • What conditions they are used and known for

  • How to use them for specific issues

  • Contradictions/Warnings

  • Have an online guide, instead of a physical book that you can actually search for what you need when you need it. 

#3) Holistic Self Care Journal (PDF download to print) $37 value included for FREE

#4) Order Discounted Lab Tests without needing a doctor to order for you

What People Are Saying:

I knew parasites were everywhere and I wanted to get rid of them in my body due to the symptoms I was having. I considered working with two functional medicine practitioners and one nutritionist and it would have cost me well over $500 no matter who I went with. I ran accross this course and started following Haley, I can't believe this course is so affordable. It has literally everything you need to know how to conduct an in depth cleanse with the least amount of herx reactions. I have killed hundreds of parasites (I have pictures..ha!) and feel so much better. Thank you for making this so accessible Haley.

Sarah K.